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    WSM Pistons for 01 gp1200r

    I need to replace the pistons in my gpr and was wondering if these will work?

    I know my ski has 3 different size pistons in it but the only thing that I have found from WSM are just one size or oversize

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    I was wondering about those as well ,for mine, but has anyone used those with that coating?

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    Yes people have used them on here and had success. I personally will/ have used prox pistons

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    i have use them and so far so good, i know they are not the best,but far better than S.B.T shit.
    i have them on a xl with a pv 1300r engine, and till today no a single issue. the coat looks real good.what it does IDK .
    Ive got the pistons from the same vendor
    (cape fear ) no problems,they are base out of n/c .

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    What about the size it says that they are 80mm standard and the stock pistons are like 79.899-79.910?

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