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    Oil Tank Leaking Around Sending Unit

    My SLH700 was leaking oil around the sending unit (it seems like the rubber got hard). I cut a piece of 1" heat shrink tubing about 1" long and slid it over the ribbed section of the rubber sending unit and shrank it to fit the sending unit. After that I let it cool and slid it back in the tank, this time it had resistance and held tight in the tank. I'm going to take it out today if possible, I'll repost and let you know if it still leaks.
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    Interesting, my SLH seems to have a slight oil leak from around the tank area that I haven't been able to track down. The sending unit seemed to fit ok but wasn't overly tight, I'm wondering if this is similar to my issue.

    Good call on using heat shrink, I bet that will work out well for ya!

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    I used a hose clamp on the neck of the tank. Works great. You need the narrow 5/16" band hose clamp for it to work though. The only place I found them was mc master carr

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    Interesting my virage did the same my father used some plumbers threading duff that comes on a roll kinda like locktite and applied it to the rubber of the sending unit to give it the size needed all are good fixes!

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