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    new problem 99 SLTX

    I have only put a few hours on the jetski since I rebuilt the carbs and changed out the fuel lines. Today while riding everything was going well, although while doing some S's something gave out and the power dropped pretty good. I couldn't get it over 4000 rpms...barely able to plane. I thought it was low gas so I filled it up...nothing changed. Oils is good too. Out of the water she revs up, but under a load 3500-3800 although idles normal.

    Thge odd part is I can hear something pumpping or squirting...I took the seat off and I can see it's carb 1 something causing a small spark all the way down in the carb. Smoke is also coming back up the its blocked or something? All three cylinders are equally warm...I'm wonding if this is a reed valve issue? Maybe there is no compression? I don't have a guage yet.

    Any ideas? Also, the exhaust smoke is more visible then it was?

    Any help is much appreciated.

    I planned a tear down this winter anyway, so don't mind bad news if that's what it is.

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    Sounds like a reed valve failure, but there is something else wrong.

    Check cylinder compression.

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