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    Things that make you go hmmmm

    If this is in wrong section or links go blank move or delete if you wish.
    No I'm not selling or buying. Just wondering if anyone has ever seen hulls for sale like this? What would you do create your own runner/ski?

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    Those are not new clearly from the pics!

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    Could be factory leftovers or hull sections shipped to U.S. for parts.
    Phone number is from Jackson county Alabama, couple hours from Atlanta, Yamaha's U.S. headquarters for Waverunners.
    I can't tell what hulls they are by the pic's but I assume they're not more than five years old.
    I would imagine the guy bought them for about a grand, though. He's gotta know the likelihood of unloading those to a single buyer is very low. It would be great if he would identify them and sell them individually for the unfortunate few who destroy their hulls but not the mechanicals.
    Maybe Rich (WFO) could make a go of it?

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    Re: Things that make you go hmmmm

    looks fell off the truck. type of deal. guess its one way to build your self a new ski

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    Re: Things that make you go hmmmm

    I messaged this dude to see if they have any gpr hulls

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