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    Head Installation Question

    I am putting my engine back together after replacing the timing chain on my RXP. I have the crank locked with the crank tool. I am trying to install the head and am having trouble rotating the cam to put the cam locking tool in-place. Currently, I am trying to turn it by hand without the chain on. Is there any trick to it so I can set the timing?

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    Yes, there is a trick. You need to install the cam first with the cam tool locking in in the right spot before putting the rocker shaft in. (I guess this isn't what you want to hear, LOL)

    The only way I can think of is to put some bolts into the cam sprocket threaded holes and use a pry bar to turn it to the right spot.

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    Do you thnk it would be easier to remove the crankcase lock and put the chain on the head. Then I rotate the crank to set the cam lock and remove the chain to lock the crank.

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    I got lucky when I rotated the cam into position with the method Sea Dood mentioned. No matter which way you do it now there is a chance of bending a valve. Just make sure you go slow and if you feel the valves touch, STOP.

    If you ever have to do this again, lock the cam before you remove the head.

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    If you do the method I suggested with the head mounted on the block, you must remove the crank lock and turn the crank about a 1/4 turn, otherwise you will bend a valve.

    You cannot put the chain on and do what you proposed, as you will bend a valve.

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