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Thread: Log on the fire

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    Log on the fire

    Rebuilding a 2001 TXI and thought about scrapping the log style exhaust and mounting the standard three into one exhaust system that is used on all the SLX TX 1200's. Ebay has a host of manifold/pipe/can listings for easy under $150.

    I happened to talking to the guru over at weberpower a couple weeks ago and he thought that there should be enough 'range' in the EMM program to safely run the center dump exhaust.

    I just wanted to hear from anyone that may have actually had any seat time in a conversion like this.
    I read through all 22pages of this
    I was bummed it never came to fruition.
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    What are you hoping to gain from changing the exhaust manifold on a Ficht engine?

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    The same thing anyone who ever modifies anything wants to achieve.....something else........usually performance.
    The logs were intermittently problematic for no identifiable reason(one of the reasons polaris had updated flashes and manifold)
    95% of them run just fine, the other 5%...well, polaris just threw parts at them and waited for the warranty to expire.

    No really, an upgrade on performance/throttle response/etc would not be bad would it?
    Possibly may have the EMM reflashed with an MSX flash ???? I have not inquired if it is possible.

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