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    2 Problems here.. need some help please - 98 GP1200

    After riding for about 30 mins to one hour, there is a lot of water in the hull. Just keeps taking water on and no submarine riding here. Need to take it out and drain it and there it takes about 2-4 minutes to drain out on land.. Not sure where it is coming from; last weekend looked inside when it was running but no help. Any suggestions where I should go first? I don't mind putting in a bilge pump, but would rather find the source of it leaking first.

    Also, the ski will rev right up to 7K but without actually hooking up when starting off. I have to feather the throttle to get up to speed. Is this a problem of too much clearance in the wear ring or cavitation or ??? Not opposed to pulling it out to inspect it as it is a rather new ski to me. Just wanted some advice from the experts here before I launch into this project.

    Could these two problems be related??

    Thanks in advance.

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    The leak first. The easy way to find it is to pull the battery box up and slid it forward and put the ski in the water still strapped to the trailer and take a flashlight and look around you may even have to start it up but as much water as you described should be an easy find.

    It sounds like it is cavitation, you may need a wear ring and prop. It would be worth pulling the pump assembly and checking the stator and everything else.

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    Re: 2 Problems here.. need some help please - 98 GP1200

    im assuming that its the rear portion filling up? also check your exhaust connections and hoses back there.

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    the last 1200 I had that had a water leak had rat damage on the lower end of the flush hose. Worth a look.

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