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    04 FX HO fouled plugs and overfilled oil

    Recently picked up a 2004 FX HO which had been filled up with too much oil and thus, fouled all 4 plugs. I have all the materials to fix both issues but I'm not sure what order I should do it in. I know to change the oil I need to run the ski and warm it up, but its idling very rough due to the fouled plugs. What is the best order in which to do both of these?


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    What's your oil level at cold? Pull it out till it's slightly below the L. You may need to crank the engine (Hold the start/stop buttons to crank without a start). Open up the air box, use carb/choke cleaner and clean the airbox - wipe it down. Your air filter might be worthless now -if it's the stock filter once it gets oil on it, it's garbage. After cleaning the airbox, change your plugs. Fire it up on the hose and as long as you don't have an oil alarm let it warm up.

    Run it for 10 minutes or so, shut it down and check oil. You want to be on the L to mid on the dip stick.

    Dealer over filled my oil, checked it when I got back, real high cold. Brought it to the lake and let it warm up - really high. Pulled out over 2 quarts. After riding it for awhile and doing some wide open runs performance suffered and oil was in the air box, oil level was still too high once the engine got "hot".

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