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    Air inlet 1994 sl 650

    Pretty excited, get rest of my parts tomorrow (fuel lines, carb rebuild kit). Anyhow as reading through service manual for sl 650.. page 3.30 has mod to Air inlet cutting it 4.5" pointing to driveshaft

    Has anyone done this to theres, is it necessary and what is it's purpose for pointing to driveshaft now?

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    I believe that this is because the '92 & '93 SL 650 & 750 models had a very restrictive air box, causing them to lose power. Cutting the box allows better flow, more power, and fuel efficiency.

    Although... I thought I'd heard that the airbox kit had something to do with preventing burn-down, but a lack of air wouldn't make it lean, it would make it rich... great, now I've gone and confused myself again.

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    No, I was right the first time lol:

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    Lol. Thanks burton appreciate it. Looked for posts on this topic but never seen anything.

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