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    MSX 110 oil & water mixed?

    What would cause the oil & coolant to mix together?

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    I searched for "Polaris coolant oil"

    One of the first results

    There was an upgraded tank to resolve this issue (I believe)

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    Are you sure it's coolant and not just water?

    As Ghost mentioned... the oil reservoir tank is the usual culprit for water (raw water) getting into the oil. There is a seal keeping the outer water jacket from getting into the inner oil chamber. Another possibility is the oil separator (cyclone) that attaches to the battery-side of the stock oil tank. It has a vent hole sticking up... and if you get water in your hull... and it gets splashed around like slung off the driveshaft coupler... it can get in that hole and will get in the oil system. A new upgraded oil tank kit will fix both of these problems.

    If you have coolant in your oil... which seems less likely... it could be from a bad oil cooler (beneath the intercooler... front of engine) where the two cross... though I've not read of anyone with this problem. Or could be a bad seal on the water pump leaking down into the sump. Or it could be a blown center cartridge on your turbo... but you would know you had a blown turbo pretty quick.

    Hope that helps. Cheers!

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