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    Extending Tongue on Shorlander Trailer?

    I've got a 96 Shorelander single trailer and tow with a car. When backing down the ramp the ski doesn't start floating until I have the rear tires about 2-3" submerged and that's a tad close for comfort IMO. The tongue on my trailer slips into the remaining part of the trailer and is only secured with one bolt. I'm thinking about just getting an identical piece of square tubing that is longer and just replacing it with my current one? I'm thinking another 12-24" should be sufficient.

    Is there any downside to doing this? It's all bolt up so it would be completely reversible if I needed to down the road.

    Will this change my towing or anything at all?


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    Re: Extending Tongue on Shorlander Trailer?

    I addressed this while ago. there is a company that makes extensions but its pricey..$$$.but.its.only used for launching. keep that in mind.launch only.

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    I would think that would work. I have also seen someone who bought the kit for a fold away tongue, and instead of cutting the trailer to install it, he just attached it to the end of the existing tongue and added a 3 foot piece to the other end of the hinge.

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    Slight thread resurection, but for anyone else with this question you could also get a hitch reciever extension. $20-$40 for a ~8-10 inch square tube that you just put between your ball mount and reciever.

    Looks like:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    add a swing away

    you could easily play with the length to make it work and you dont have to hack up your current setup.
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