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    1997 GTX sitting for 10 months

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and have a question about a ski I just purchased. I purchased a 1997 seadoo gtx and the owner has told me it hasn't been in the water for 10 months. The compression is at 145 the battery's new and all gauges and vts work. My question is after sitting so long what should I do to make sure I'm not getting towed in this weekend. Thanks!!

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    the first thing I would suggest (on any used purchase) is to remove the carbs and clean them - there are little internal fuel filters inside the carbs that are known to clog easily.

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    Check the diaphragm valves on fuel pump last two pumps I did had rips or cuts in them. Carb kits are 35 ea for winderosa and 70 for mukini they pump rebuilds should be in them .I would leave the original springs in carbs.

    You should also check into changing the gray Tempo lines as well , they can break down and plug carbs, filters and selector valve. Cheap insurance now's the time you can leave the venting ones . Not positive of GTX but my GSX ltd had about 15' of 5/16" and 6' of 1/4" use non injector type. I think all other skis have 1/4" only. Sometimes small aotu parts like nappa have gates "USA made" cheaper than autozone ect " might be china made" there slow to raise prices on little stuff and might have the nice clamps autozone won't. Gonna need some small all stainless hose clamps black zip ties to tie them back up.
    Do one at a time measure to old hose . Don't forget the ones on carbs and the pulse line. Get them tight but don't crush the to death either. Be careful pulling them off any bent 90 brass carb nipples I broke one off was a real hassle you don't want. Twist first.
    a clean fuel system / good lines / carb and pump rebuild is the preventive maintenance for a 2 stroke. Not looking into it is like never checking or changing your oil in your car.Lean means burnt pistons or worse. Fuel system link
    Don't forget to remove the needle seats and change the o rings on them lube before pushing back in. Last 2 carbs i did leaked like s sieve. Liberally carb spray with the lil tube ,all jet holes, needle tubes. Wear safety glasses they spit back a lot. You might miss the the clear check valve on the back of jett cover plate line it up carefully. just me. Mukuni sbn guide service manuals

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    Similar thing was just asked ,I kinda copied and pasted from other thread but links aren't all working here is thread with good links .

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