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Thread: One last bug

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    One last bug

    I have a 99 slth 700 red engine. I put the hurricane update ignition kit in it. And way better. With the hurricane update kit I have had to advance the timing to get it to run. I used drill bits to index the magnet. The last bit I used was a little bigger diameter. Now seems a little harder to start. And really does not want to idle well when not fully warmed up. When its up and running its good to very good. I think I lost a little top end when I dropped the timing back a little.
    My question is if I advance the timing back the other way does this sound like my low speed and start issue will go away?
    One other item I'm doing the timing by drill index because I can't figure out the correct way to check the timing. I have hooked up a timing gun and looked down the hole where the timing marks are but there is no pointer. And it did not seem like the timing gun was working properly anyway.

    Well if I can add anything for clarity please ask.
    I have done the warm start orange wire so that is done.

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    How were you using drill bits to index the timing ring?

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    Where the magnet attaches to the flywheel I just slid a small diamater drill bit in the adjustment hole, Then to do a change I can increase or decrease the diamater size of the bit. So its not a complete guess. So a little more to the story the bit I used was a slightly larger diamater so I think to get it better I need to go to the smaller diamater size bit. As it functioned better on the low end that way. Or if someone could explaine in basic terms how to check the timing the right way.

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