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    Unhappy 4 Short Beeps... Lanyard NOT On Post

    Hi -

    I recently purchased a 2004 SeaDoo RXP. After it was sitting in my driveway for about 8-10 hours, all of a sudden it started beeping 4 short beeps followed by a pause, and then 4 short beeps again. It did this continuously. I couldn't get it to stop, so I disconnected the battery. I did some research and found that this normally means that the safety lanyard is on it's post without the engine running. The problem is, this is happening with nothing on the post. When I do put the safety lanyard on it's post, it gives two beeps (indicating the correct lanyard is on, and the system is ready to do) and then starts the 4 beeps again immediately. The engine starts just fine. I turn the engine back off and remove the lanyard and the beeps start right back up again. The engine will not start without the lanyard on the post, so I know that somewhere it knows that the lanyard isn't there... but there seems to be a part of the post that thinks the lanyard is on it. Has anyone had this problem or have any clue where to start to fix the problem? I feel like it should be an easier fix since the unit runs just fine.


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    Bad DESS post, the reed switch is stuck on.

    Disconnect the connector under the steering column and measure for continuity between the Black and the Black/Yellow wire leading up to the switch. If you have continuity with no key on post, then your switch is shorted out.

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    Bad dess post...

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    Thanks you guys. I appreciate the help. I'll give that a try and see if I can fix it. I'll report back if I have any other problems. Thanks again.

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    Or corrosion on the 2 connectors that run down from the DESS post harness and the start/stop / mode / set button harness causing a short.

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