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    2001 Polaris Virage TXI/ No Spark/Weak Spark

    Bought this ski a couple years ago not running. Was able to get it going by replacing the LR module. Was still having issues where it seemed to only be running on 2 cylinders until it got warmed up and then occasionally you could feel the power from the third cylinder firing. Only had it in the water a couple times and the ski would go into limp mode. Found out the EMM cooling lines were unhooked and not cooling the EMM. Parked it for two summers and now:

    Replaced all plugs with the correct factory recommended plugs and it just back fires really bad. Yes I have the correct wires on the cylinders as they are too short to reach any other cylinder. Unhooked the LR module and TPS sensor. At times it will backfire and other times it will start and run very briefly. Then try and start again and backfires really bad (too the point of blowing exhaust hoses off and ringing ears). I pulled the EMM and found someone has put in a 2004 model. (hence the reason for cooling lines unhooked). I don't know the history of this ski at all other than what I have done to it. Which direction should I go? If the EMM was replaced I don't know if it was calibated to this moter and injectors. I called DFI Technologies nd they quoted $600 if it needed repair.

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    Backfiring is often an indication of EMM internal damage and need of DFI repair. No water cooling would be a likely cause.

    Send the injector serial numbers with the EMM and DFI can confirm whether the EMM matches the injectors. Also list which cylinder each injector is on.

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    I would tend to agree that it is pointing to the EMM being bad, But just a few thoughts because I not familiar with all the diagnostics but:

    Would the engine still fire and run normal for a 5-10 seconds?
    Is it possible that when there is a no spark condition that the cylinders are loading up with fuel and then a backfire occurs when it gets a spark? Pulled the plugs and it is really weak..

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    You are using the correct spark plugs? NGK PZFR6H only.

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    Yes... Brand new set of plugs. Gapped at .28

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