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Thread: Storm Fishing

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    Storm Fishing

    This evening I dropped my ski in at Tide Mill Boat ramp in Yorktown Va. and headed across the Chesapeake Bay. There was a storm front to my North and one to my South. I made it to the bouys in the in Baltimore Channel, it was calm when I got there but looking uglier by the minute behind me. I caught a nice 42 inch Cobia on my second cast and decided to call it quits and head back.
    Made it half way back and the wind picked up to at least thirty knots with torrential rain. Glad I took the one with the windshield. I could barely see in front of me except for some lightning of in the distance, luckily it was off in the distance cause I do not care for bolts of electricity when I am on the water.
    I was back and cleaned my fish in between storms at my house all before dark.
    I also went out last week, it was the opposite of tonight with glassy conditions. I caught seven that night keeping one at 45 inches all on live eels.
    Here are some pictures from my last two outings.

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    Beautiful, Brian. BTW, there's a little storm just south of me as we speak...

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    Storm Fishing

    Yeah I think that same storm is over our residences now and should be here till thursday 😡

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