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    2001 Polaris Virage

    I have a 2001 Polaris Virage 700cc. I recently had a new engine put in. After it was in it ran fine for the first couple hours then it started acting bogged down when taking off. After feathering the throttle a couple it will increase in speed. After sitting for 2 weeks, went to put in the water and it just wont start. The engine cracks but there is no spark. What do i need to test and how? Ive been looking on several sites and threads, and i've heard to check the stator but I do not know how? Any suggestions will be very helpful. Really need this done as soon as I can.
    Thanks in advance!!!

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    First off, put a voltmeter on your battery terminals while cranking the engine. Must read over 10.6 volts or you will have no spark.

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    already did that. battery tests out just fine. thanks for posting

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    Open the elecrical box,test voltage on the Red/purple wire going to the CDI.
    It needs to be 10.6 or higher while cranking.
    If you want specific tests-you need to give specific answers.

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    Click the link in my signature. Inside you will find the testing procedure for the stator as well as a ton of great troubleshooting information specific to your ski.

    Read that stuff and if you have other specific questions, let us know!

    BTW: Welcome to The Hulk!

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    I don't what you mean by specific test or giving specific answers?

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    Your awesome. Thank you

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