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    Mooring Whips to keep ski from hitting dock. Home Made - DIY

    Click image for larger version. 

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    hey everyone. I'm new to the forum and have gained a ton of knowledge in a short time. Thank you.

    I wanted to share with everyone a possible mooring whip you can use at a dock and could also carry with you on a ski in the event you went to visit someone and needed to tie to their dock. I however made a few changes to mine. I put tennis balls on the end of the pvc pipe. The key to these working is having a line from each mooring whip (so to speak) pulling towards the middle and tied off to a cleat on the dock. This keeps the mooring bars I will call them from swinging too far forward or backward. You can also put a pvc compression coupling in the middle of each 2-3 foot piece of pvc so you could break them down even shorter and store them in the front of your ski.

    I'm in the process of making a more permanent one for our dock that will be made out of gray pvc seeing it is more UV stable/resistant and offers a little more flexability. The new one's will look more like the picture below

    Click image for larger version. 

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    more pics here. I'll post more when I get mine made.

    any other ideas are greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks for posting! Good idea/concept. You got me thinking now.

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    Re: Mooring Whips to keep ski from hitting dock. Home Made - DIY

    make something portable that I could use portable at random docks or shore line

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    check out they are on to something. trying to work with them for a portable pwc system. give me a week or so and I will try to have a prototype built. been looking for something like this for a few months. tired of dock rash.

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    hoffmanestates , take a look at the top picture I posted. what I would do is put a tennis ball on the end of the pvc pipe. it should fit in the front storage. you could actually put a coupler on there so you could take it apart and store it. I would put a clip on the end that is attached to the ski. Run the rope through the pvc pipe and have about 7-9 feet extra. After the end of the rope comes through the end of the pvc that attaches to the dock, I would tie that end back to the end that clips onto the ski. what that enables you to do is have enough rope to tieup to a cleat on the front...

    hell I'm having a hard time explaining this.. look at the top picture and see how the rope is tied onto 2 cleats. the rope tied to the second cleat on the front prevents the ski from shifting forward because it gets tight. you do the same thing on the back but it keeps the ski from shifting backwards. i just made some for our dock. I used the gray electrical pipe. if you use a heat gun or torch you can bend it (like a noodle) and then when it cools it hardens back up. one 8 foot stick is only $4.

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    maybe rather than a coupler you could use a compression fitting which is easily unscrewed to shorten the length for storage. makes it easy to assemble.

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    I was thinking of something like this the other day to prevent my ski from banging up against the side of my pontoon when they're tied together in the middle of the lake.

    This made me think of tent poles, they're stored in a bag no longer than 2 feet and when you pull them out each pole has a certain length already. So say you take a 6 ft piece of PVC and cut it in 2 ft sections, glue a coupler to one end of each one and run a bungee cord through the middle of it, so you can stretch them apart but still have your 6 ft section ready to e put together

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