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    How many motor shims do you have?

    My RXT 215 has two shims on both rear mounts and none in the front. My 1st RXP-X 260 hull had 2 shims under every mount. I put all 6 shims in under the 3 mounts in my new hull and the motor was aligned about 1 shim too low. I removed both shims from the front mount and put 3 under each of the rear mounts and now I'm able to slide the alignment tool into the PTO seal.

    My question is, do these new hulls with the trays require the same amount of shims under each mount?

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    There is no set amount of shims. Not all hulls are the same. It takes as many as it needs to align.

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    I have one all the way around, buddy has one on one side, none on the other. In working with fiberglass, it is not keen on exact tollerances, thus they shim the motor to align it, and providing the least resistance to turn the impeller. My direct drive boat is the same (actually all boats do too), thus it can be aligned.

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    I had atleast 1-2 shims on each corner of my 04 before I pulled it and switched to a different 04 hull. The newer one I pulled the shoe out and installed a new one, taking several hours to dry fit with shims to get it perfect...Upon dropping in the motor I found that I needed 5 shims to locate the front, ended up using a WIDE but thin stainless washer on top of the front mount with just 2 shims......But like the others said, no 2 hulls are the same...

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