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    550JS Impeller replacement

    I have a newly purchased '89 550JS with some bolt on upgrades (intake/exhaust/head) and it has a damaged impeller blade and needs to be replaced. I know I should buy a brand new skat trak but dont want to spend the $200 for one. Found a jetlyne 16pitch for $40 like-new, would this be an ok impeller to use or am I just wasting my money?

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    It would be an OK replacement. Your JS impeller has left hand threads when removing it from the pump shaft (not the drive shaft) and you'll need a special tool to hold the pump shaft from rotating. Just remember that the impeller is left hand thread or you will curse the removal (or wreck something in the process). There are shims under the impeller also that may be required when you reassemble the pump with the new impeller (impeller to wear ring should be .006" - .010" Max).

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