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    07 250x starting issue while warm

    Ok, now that I got the ski running where it should be I now have a starting issue when warm. About a month ago I took the kids tubing with this and started it like 30x without an issue. Now it starts no problem when cold, if I run for a few minutes and the engine warms up it runs fine unless you shut it off, if shut off it will not start back up again. Basically it wont turn over, it attempts to but I will be lucky if I get one revolution before it wont crank. Battery is new, voltage above 12.5. When hot the voltage drops down to 7 or 6 volts while attempting to start. Let it cool off and it starts up again. Tried running another ground with same results. Dont have any warning lights of over temp. Only issue I have always noticed if you put the key in it comes up with FPO for full power operation and the BAT blinks and beeps for a few seconds then it goes away. It does not happend while running, only when off. At idle the charging voltage is almost 14v, a little less though. Any thoughts of the best way to test this? Supercharger only has a few hours on it and new cylinders and pistons have a few hours on them too. Dont know if I should lean more towards a starter? or if there is another mechanical issue I should be looking for?


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    07 250x starting issue while warm

    Sounds like bad starter or stator assy.not charging correctly

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    Starter is what I was leaning towards. Another one will be in next week and I will know if that was it.

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