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    Light Tower Action

    This morning I took my co-worker Travis out to the Chesapeake Light Tower. He had never been spear fishing or done that much salt water fishing, though he does do a fair amount of fresh water where he lives North of West Point Va.
    We departed Rudee Inlet in Virginia at daybreak and headed 15 miles offshore on my rigged up 4 person Yamaha SUV. Hit a couple of buoys and cast live eels catching a small Cobia that came off after a few.
    Got to the light tower and found plenty of Spadefish and good visibility. Travis got one his first shot but the next three came a little slower as the current picked up and the fish went a little deeper. On the way back Travis caught his first Cobia, it gave him some fun but it was a little too short to keep. I also got my limit of spades. Saw a couple Barracuda and Amberjack as well.
    We got back to the ramp early and both went off to work the rest of the day. Wish I could start work day like that!
    Here are some pictures I took today.

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    Awesome as always Brian. Love the pics. Thanks.

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    You set the Bar !!!!

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