Had the ladies over again and seeing how I some fresh Spadefish from the morning trip to Chesapeake Light Tower, I cooked up a quick appetizer that will work with most any fish. Here it is.

First get a young volunteer, put him on your rigged up jet ski and take him 15 miles off shore to a good Spadefish holding structure.

Next tell him to " Get in and spear us some fish cause your not getting back on my jet ski till we have our limit"

If that works out for you, then bring it all home give the young guy his share and cook your fillets covered with some salsa in the oven for fifteen minutes at 450 degrees.

Place a bunch of Triscuit crackers on a tray and load them up with fish.

Cover them with shredded CheddarJack cheese. Everyone likes cheese!

Put it all back in the hot oven for a minute or so and then take the Spade--A--Tizers out to the ladies. Be sure to put some aside for yourself.