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    96 raider rear seals

    I have a 96 raider 1100 that I have had a hard time keeping seals in. I have replaced the seal 2 times this will be my 3rd time. I am trying to make sure I do it correctly this time. The part catalog shows the single lip/one with the 4 feet/tabs on the back side part #93101-36M46 as the out side seal with the feet/tabs facing out. The double lip seal #93102-36M33 with no feet, on the inside with both seals with the flat side towards the bearings. Is this the correct configuration? Last time I replaced these I did it opposite the seal with the tads or feet I put on the inside and the other one I put outside. The face of the seals or the flat side is always facing the bearings or towards the inside of the engine. Is the parts catalog correct or is the manual correct? Please help.

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    The 4 tabs face out and the seal with the 4 tabs is the outside seal.
    Also, you could try to lightly smear a little sealer in the seal grooves to help hold them in the case. Do it very lightly though. You don't want the sealer to ooze out, block the lube holes and get in the bearings.

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    Thanks Cutlass that's how I did it I noticed that I put them in opposite of that last time and they did not last long, a season is all. Thanks

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