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    150 Leaking Oil Tank

    So I knew that eventually my oil tank would leak, seems like many do. I have the usual symptom of milky oil and I have pressure tested the tank and it leaks. Question is does anyone have any thoughts on what the freshwater jacket on the tank actually does. The ski already has a dedicated oil cooler. I plan to purchase the update kit and be done with it but would also like to run the ski this weekend. Would bypassing the tank cause any negative side effects. I'm thinking 5 hours of run time tops with the fresh water bypassing the tank.

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    I would give it a go, just keep an eye on how hot the tank gets. Another temporary solution would be to in tee a line 3/8 or so around the tank thereby allowing water to the tank but reducing the pressure.

    Depending on how much time you have you can replace both O rings, and use some 515 loctite or similar on assembly. 3+ years on my tank.
    I still would recommend a new tank long term.

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    Just to follow up, I gave two path suggestion from Kosh a try and had no issues with temperature of the oil tank. Evidence of a water leak remains (ever so slight with the bypass in place), so it off to order an upgrade tank.

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