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    Need help - Problem after D Plate Instillation

    Hey all.
    I've posted here a couple times throughout my d plate instillation process. All your advice and help has been invaluable to me getting through this project.

    I finally got the d plate installed and everything put back together. I installed the sensor chip as well.
    Started it up in the yard while connected to the hose and ran fine. A little smoky, but it usually is when it is started after sitting for a couple weeks.

    Today we launched it and got out on the water. She started and ran fine. I slowly increase the speed until if gave it fully throttle. When I did that I heard a noise in the engine compartment. It wasn't a pop...I can't really explain it. After that the ski almost stalled out. I could only get to go a max of like 2 mph until it shut off. I could get it turned back on briefly and go another 10-20 feet until it bogged down and cut out. Looked inside the engine compartment and there was smoke that came out when I lifted the seat off. Didnít smell like anything burnt, just kind of smoky.

    Finally, I looked around inside the engine and noticed that the stinger/tail of the exhaust came undone from the rubber coupler. Right where the exhaust connects the engine portion to the rear compartment. I'll attach a pic.

    I'm at a loss as to what to do here. I'm hoping I just need to slip that back on and all will be good. After all it was running fine. My other problem would be that I thought I had it securely installed so the fact that it came off is concerning. What the hell do I have to do to keep this on??

    Please let me know any help and advice you can give me. Again, thank you everyone for all your help.
    Almost there...!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Make sure the clamp isn't faulty. also make sure there is no oil on the boot if you are having trouble getting it on use soapy water. also make sure the water box strap is on the water box. you will have to unbolt the battery box and slide it forward to see the water box.

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    Agree with mudslanger, it sounds like one of the clamps was either faulty, not tightened down enough, or you didn't have the rubber boot on all the way after the d-plate install.

    I would not worry too much. When the boot came loose it choked your fresh air intake with exhaust fumes. Get it back together and it should run fine.


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    ONe thing that can be tricky when putting the exhaust back on is the water box may slide back a bit(its only held down my rubber straps) and that may let you think you have the rubber boot all the way on the front section when you really don't. If the clamp was anywhere near tight and not broken, its pretty much impossible for the coupler to come off like it looks in your pic because the clamp section would have to pass back onver that large ridge Pull the battery box loose so you can get your hand back in there and pull the coupler/waterbox forward. Spray windex or glass cleaner all over the joint, make sure the hose clamp is plenty loose, and slide that coupler on all the way. It may take a bit of wiggling, but once it is all the way on, then tighten the hose clamp, best way is with a little metric socket.

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    x4 on that.

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