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    Polaris Virage TX Starts Great, Keeps completely Shutting Off


    We have a 2001 Polaris Virage TX PWC. It starts perfect, then runs for about a minute, then just completely shuts off, including the instrument panel blanking out. Panel comes back on, ski starts right back up, runs for 15 or 20 seconds, and repeats the same cycle. We had it in the shop, got all connections cleaned and tightened, replaced the battery. On land, it stays running, no problem. Once it's in the water and moving is a whole other story. Any suggestions on what it could be? Our mechanic is stumped and does not even know what else to look at...

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    All connections cleaned and tightened? Well, something electrical is not right, obviously.

    That the display goes blank is a big clue. Follow the electric circuit from battery negative post to engine, and onwards through every connection up to the display, then back down and out to the battery positive. Somewhere in that loop there is a bad connection or failing wire.

    My first guess would be to remove the engine ground cables from the engine.

    Note: Remove the battery negative cable until you are finished checking everything.

    Clean the bolt hole threads, the bolt itself, and the wire ends. Inspect all the black cable ends for corrosion, damage, looseness, etc. Clean any paint or corrosion from the engine surface. Reattach ensuring you have clean metal to metal contact. Do not use any thread locking compound on the bolt.

    Remove, clean and inspect the battery ends of both heavy cables. Look for any sign of looseness in the cable ends.

    Do the same for the heavy red cable at the start solenoid. You want a clean and solid connection to the thin red wire.

    Inspect the thin red wire and follow it to the circuit breaker (Reset button). Check that the breaker plastic shell is not cracked. All connections clean and tight.

    From there you have the Red/Purple wires to the display, and the thin black wire back.

    One critical connection is the thin black wire that runs from the electrical box to the engine magneto stator. It must provide a solid zero ohm connection to the engine. The black wire is grounded to the engine via the stator mounting bolt inside the flywheel housing. If that wire is damaged or grounding at the engine is weakened by corrosion you will have problems.

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