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    785 Pro steering issue; turns Right, does not turn Left

    I bought a 785 Pro and Seadoo Bombadier with trailer at an auction this year. They hadn't run for 4 years but got it all for $2500. Well, the summer is winding down and the Seadoo has been great all summer. The 785 Pro need more work.

    Well summer is winding down and finally got it into the water. I had never been on a jet ski before this year so everything from working on them to riding on has been new. After riding the Seadoo all summer and that being by only exerience on a jet ski before getting the Pro in the water yesterday, all I have to say is WOW!

    My problem now is I am riding a scary fast jet ski (fuji engine bored out and other custom stuff done) is it doesn't want to turn left. Turning right is great. Turn it left and you go straight, for a while. Then it will drift left a little and then start turning sharper. Turn back straight and it keeps turning for a while. It seems to drift from left to right when at full throttle going straight as well.

    Looking at the jet after taking it out of the water, I turned the steering right and felt the jet. It is rigid like it should be. When I turn it left, i can move the jet back and forth. It should feel like it does when I turn it right but it don't. What do I need to do to fix this? I can tell i will love this thing when I feel like I have control of it. Right now it is just scary.
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    Look for a broken or missing retainer where the steering cable passes into the hull. The outer sleeve of the steering cable need to be fully secured in place where it passes from inside the hull to outside.

    While you are working on the steering, tell us what you have done to this Pro 785 to ensure it is reliable and stays running for you.

    Carburetor rebuild with genuine Mikuni parts?

    Fuel system clean and hoses replaced?

    Jet pump inspected?
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    Well, it was my dads summer project for a while taking the carb apart and cleaning it, new plugs and wires. It then went in to the shop to be gone over since we have never had jet skis before. Well, the first time we had them out, the Polaris wasn't running quite right and we burned a hole in one of the heads. After rebuilding the engine, replacing and rerouting the fuel lines we took it out to tune the carb. We got the first two cylinders burning good but the third was wet. Well, after already burning up that cylinder once and not knowing if it was the low end or high end that needed adjusting, we took it back to the shop. It turns out even though we had spark when we checked it, there wasn't enough. The coil was rusted. Got that fixed and is running great.

    Looking at where the cable comes out of the hull, when I turn left the tube the cable comes through pushes out of the hull and the cable is exposed. I am assuming that tube needs the retainer clip to stay in place? I'll look into that thanks.

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    You burned a hole in the head? The cylinder head or the top of the piston? What mods are done to the pro?

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    Honestly, I don't know all thats been done to it. Its an aftermarket exhaust that I assume at one point was a hot seat with all the hot seat and speedwerks stickers, seat, and plastic/rubber pieces added. It now is only a single exhuast not the triple I have seen talked about. It is a fuji engine thats been bored out. And the plate on the bottom has been cut and bent up I assume to reduce drag/increase water flow under the hull. Beyond that, I don't know.

    Burned a hole in the piston head.

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    sounds like a 750/780 to me can you post pics of it

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    That's a Pro alright. How about a pic of the engine set up?

    There is no way to mount a single pipe on 785 cylinders without some custom work.

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    she's clean !!!

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