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    Cracked pump assembly.

    Has anybody ever had their pump assembly crack? I have had issues with hi exhaust temp recently. Temp is fine idling but once you get to 25mph it kicks into limp mode. I have replaced the temp sensor and still same problem and exhaust is actually hot. Dealer says that the wear ring is the problem due to a big gouge in it. So in the process of me changing out the wear ring I notice that the pump assembly is cracked near top left bolt hole all the way to back end and is all the way through the casing. I'm not sure if this could also be causing poor flow to the exhaust or not? Any ideas? Looks like I will be needing a new pump assembly.

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    It ingested something big before and cracked the pump.
    I've had that happen and just changed the wear ring and I had no issues.
    Depending on how severe the cracks are.
    I actually had chunks of pump missing and had no issues after the new ring.

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    salt water cause mine to crack wide open, lost alot of water pressure due to it pumping right out the top of the pump

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    You found your problem. BTW, what ski are we talking about? I have split the housings all the way thru, and pump tries to remove itself from craft. Instant over heat. Did housing split or the long thin looking tube raised up the length of housing at upper left? If actual housing split, the wear ring should fall out easily, if not secured with small screws.

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    i would like to know what ski big john is talking about.

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