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    Is this a good ski or not

    Ok i can get my hands on a 1997 tigershark daytona 1000 triple jet ski. Everything on the jet ski works except the starter he said the starter just spinds, so im thinking its the starter bendix but i can get one for about 50.00. But he said its in good shape and all it needs is the starter fixed, i got him down to 1050 for the price without a trailer. Is this a good deal. I plan on just really going fast with this ski. Is it a good ski for high speed, how fast does it go. thanks for your time reply asap

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    Seems a little high for not having a trailer. I have a 1999 1100 Li, it will go around 55-58 mph wot.

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    a grand is ok for a running 1100 or 1000 tripple. i might have a starter also

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