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Thread: 99 XP Hull Work

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    99 XP Hull Work

    I'm just doing some hull repairs on my 99 XP. It's standard apart from carby jets and flame arrestors

    While I'm doing them I was wondering is it worth truing the the hull ? What kind of speed increases can you get ?

    Also if I lie a straight edge along the hull should the ride plate be flat to the straight edge ? So i mean should the ride plate be a straight line continuation of the hull ?



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    I did mine on my GP1200R you will get 1 maybe 2 mph increase if done right depending on the condition of the hull, I redid the hull fixed all the scrapes, gouges and dings and shot duriflint 2 on the bottom, all the sanding will have to be done by hand.sorry cant answer your 2nd question.

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    Go check out Ben's Secret Mods for Seadoo 951. It covers some things about the ride plate on the XPL hull. Its at top of this page as one of the stickys.

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