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    Life Is Good! ( and I have the food to prove it)

    Today was an awesome day for many reasons. Here are a couple of them;

    I got up early as always and got on one of my rigged up jet skis and left my house in Poquoson in search of some fun.

    I had some fun! I caught 7 or 8 Cobia in less than two hours casting live eels at bouys in the shipping lanes of the Chesapeake Bay

    They were all nice fish between 39 and 45 inches, at times I had up to four fish, some smaller following the one I had hooked.

    Twice I had fish on as ships were passing, luckily I was able to pull the fish away from the channel.

    I brought a nice one home, this one was about 44 inches.

    Called up my sister and parents and invited them over for some Cobia Dinner. I wanted to try something different, here is tonight's special;

    Steak up your Cobia Fillets into portion, tonight there is five of us.

    Tonight I went Italian and decided to go with a Roasted Garlic & Sweet Basil sauce.

    I marinated the fish and vegetables in it before I put it on the grill.

    It only takes about ten minutes and cooks up nicely on a hot grill.

    I also cooked up some Penne Pasta.

    My sister brought salad.

    My Dad went back for seconds, so I guess I did something right.

    The best part was my favorite dessert that my Mom brought. Life Is Good!

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    Dam, When are you taking on the Iron chefs. Looks like a great meal.

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    Re: Life Is Good! ( and I have the food to prove it)

    By the background I see you have a sweet crib ..... always going to he a dream to live on the water

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    After watching your appearance on Off The Hook, I am totally hooked on building a super [email protected]$$ waverunner. Your Yami rigs are AWESOME. My favorite part is the dash with the DS-5. I live 5 miles from a high end aluminum fabricator and was just about to buy me a brand new Shoalwater 19 Cat. Now im not so sure. I like the idea of being able to garage the whole rig, as well as trip costs over a Boat. I have so many questions, mainly regarding powering electronics, how the added weight affect speed/stability, etc. Also I did not see a baitwell setup? Anyway, if you ever have some time, my name is Gregg Lamon in Houston.

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    Greg, pardon me for butting in, but you can get some more detail on his rigs at JSB's website:

    BTW, this is a great first post - welcome to the 'hulk.

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    As always, Brian... a totally stellar post. Good fishing and good food... Awesome!

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