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    Question 1997 gti seadoo oil problem

    im having problem i just bought 1997 seadoo gti and in the oil tank there is peach color oil and all the dealers are closed tomorrow to buy oil
    and im low on oil and want to take out to the lake tommorow. so i went to napa ask them if they have 2 strock oil they gave me a bottle but its green color and im afraid to mix it is there speacial oil i got to buy for that model like syntetick or regular oil will do i thing its blue or green color thank you hope i could enjoy my lobar day

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    You want a synthetic or blend specifically designed for two stroke engines. Go pick up some outboard motor oil. Its blue in color and works fine. Before adding it remove some of the oil out from ski and make sure it mixes. Thats about your only option. Most of the outboard oils are relatively inexpensive and may be a good alternative for you to change over.

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    thank you for your help

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