I'm trying to figure out if my STX 12F is running too hot.

I am not use to PWC's at this tempature.

I used my ir temp detector and pointed to various things along the motor,
and after whaling on my machine for a bit alot of the engine components are around
100C (say around the exhaust manifold, valve cover, etc) I believe the water box was cooler at around 60C.

Out of the little water sprayer on the front right of the machine, sometimes the water seems damn hot (like a cup of coffee that you wouldn't be able to drink). It is hard to get a temp gun to point at water spray.

I did the same thing to my 95 GTX after being ridden under the same conditions and everything was around

I know they are two entirely different machines (two stroke vs four stroke), but I did not have another 4-stoke (other than my truck...which was more or less 100C as well)

The temp light has not come on on my last two+ hour outing.