I purchased 2 vx cruisers earlier this year. One was silver with a 5/2011 build date and one was blue with a 1/2012 build date. I noticed a big difference when driving next to each other. I asked my dealer and they claim they sold me identical machines and the only difference with the two machines was the color. They told me I probly sucked some weeds up and that was the issue. So I examined the engines in more detail and noticed that that older one built on 5/2011 has a rubber guard the size of a half dollar protecting what looks like an oil hole right on the top of the engine block and the other 1/2012 model doesn’t have at all. I also found a horsepower difference on the titles for the 2 machines:The first one is Blue and has a engine build date of 1/12 with 110 horsepower The second one is silver that has a build date of 5/11 and only has 102 horsepower Can you please explain the difference between the two machines? Also, are these machines to be considered/sold as identical machines as per my authorized Yamaha dealer?