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    First post, and lots of questions on an 00 xlt and 00 gpr

    Firstly, I will introduce myself. My name is James, and I work for a Yamaha Dealership in michigan. Just came across a deal i could not pass up on 2 waverunners. I picked up a 2000 XL1200 LTD that is complete minus a battery, and only 35psi in the rear cyl. Also got a 2000 GP1200r that came without the motor and I plan on tricking out as time goes on. Should I mention that I picked them up for $250 total

    Now my first main question is, What should I do with the rear cyl? I do want to get the unit out on the water this year yet and just want to do it for as little as i possibly can. Im thinking about just getting a cyl and piston and just putting it in with a gasket kit and running it til winter. Is this adviseable? And does anyone have a line on a cheap cyl? I would wait for a unit to roll through our shop that needs a SBT motor and just rob a good cyl off the core before it gets sent back, but im going to get impatient as this great weather is not going to last much longer.

    What do the experianced guys here think?

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    You have to diagnose what happened to the bad cylinder before just slapping on some parts or you'll just be throwing money away. That cylinder will fail quickly if you don't fix the problem. It could have been lean from a carb problem or an air leak, lack of oil from an oil line popping off, a power valve failure, etc. If the failure was severe enough, you could have metal debris floating around in the crank bearings that'll need to be cleaned out(or crank rebuild/replacement if severe enough).
    SO...dig in and find out what happened.

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    if you do it that way and replace only one, your asking for problems, do it right the first time.and do it all now.

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    What these guys said^^^^^^^^^^^^

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    pull the head and post some pics. virtually impossible to have something go wrong none of us havent experienced before.

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    I should have it apart by the weekend. Im thinking I will end up getting a sbt top end kit and going from there if it is just the piston and cylinder. Trick will be the cylinder. But so far from what I'm gathering that's probably the issue with the rear cylinder, unless a power valve chinked. Then that will need replacing. And from what in reading, it sounds like a good idea to install wave eaters while its all apart

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    Well, I got it all apart a few weeks ago and have been parts hunting since.

    Rear cyl is fried. I picked up a new piston and cyl for 130. Got Cometic gaskets, new plugs and some other lil bits. Should have it rebuilt tomorrow.

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    Slapped it all together today and it started right up after a little coaxing. Thats for the words of advise guys! Basically got a 100% working unit in great shape for $400....doesn't get much better than that!

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    but did you figure out why the cylinder went bad in the first place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmc View Post
    but did you figure out why the cylinder went bad in the first place?
    Or if there is metal in the crankcase wrecking havoc.

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