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    2003 1100 stx di engine photos

    I need help understanding what happen to this engine. please see attached photos, all three cylinders are the same where the scuff marks are. Also can you recomend a good machine shop that I can use. Just a note I have been having an Idle issue with this ski. The cyliners are soaked because I sprayed fogging oil in the engine.

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    Is there any air bubble in the oil lines?
    Or has anyone removed the oil injection pump from the engine just before the failure?
    It looks like ski ran out of oil for a shor time or air got into oil line or injection system but did not get bleed out properly.

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    I didnt see any air bubbles in the oil lines. I replaced the oil pump and lines last year. As for when the failure happen is unkown. I was getting 130 psi on all cylinders. I,m troubleshooting a idle issue, and removed the cylinder head and found what was picture above. I'm going to have the cyclinder reworked and replace the pistons. I'm looking at aftermarket pistons for this rebuild any suggestions?


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    Not sure if there is aftermarket pistons for 1100 DI engines. Maybe Seizeco (aka Wiseco) or SBT?
    The DI pistons have a deep round pocket at the top and have longer skirt. They are different from any other 2-stroke pistons.

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    I was looking at Pro-X or OEM. Chances are I'll stick with OEM. Having a hard time finding the Pro x pistons.


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    While the cylinders do have some scuffing, were you still getting 130 psi before you tore it apart? Being as its injected have you gone through the electrical components for problems? Did you try unplugging the throttle position sensor and see if it would idle? Did you check the crank position sensor?

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    I installed a new CPS. I also went through what i thought were probalabe causes, and wasn't able to find anything.
    even trying a different computer. No codes are being dispalyed.

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    even trying a different computer.QUOTE]

    you cannot just install another computer in a ficht fuel injected engine, the injectors are matched to the computer, it could cause serious engine damage.

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    What is the idle issue you have been having? Does it run otherwise and just wont idle? If it had compression, the scuffing in the cylinders is nothing that would have kept it from running correctly. You said you replaced the CPS, but did you try unplugging the throttle position sensor and see if it would idle? If that is the problem, it should idle with it disconnected but will have no response to the throttle. You can switch to a different computer to test and see if it may be the problem, but you should not run it for any length of time as the injectors are programmed to the computer. They injectors are also cylinder specific, so if you pulled them off the head I hope you still have them in the correct order.

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    When I installed the computer I transfered the information from the old ECM to the replacement ECM. I also verified the injector locations as well Via KADIG software. THe engine will only idle for about 30 second then die, if i hold the throttle above idle it will run. I also replace the TPS and adjusted it, I didn't try removing the plug to see it will idle.

    Dose any one have a newer version of KADIAG software.


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