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    06 gp 1300 blown motor need advice

    Hey all I have an 06 blew the motor 2 days ago tore it down n found #3 rod let go at the crank. The head has some shallow pitting gonna machine for higher compression not a big deal. The 3rd cylinder is scored I'm not sure if I should either try n bore it if it is within specs to or should i buy new sleeves. I should mention I'm gonna go for motor performance on this rebuild. If I don't bore the stock I'm gonna just order larger bore sleeves and use bigger pistons. Pro x I've read has good pistons anyone have them installed? I need a new crank obv saw the sbt has completes for cheap. Never had to send out parts for maching can anyone filled me in as to how much I'm I'll be spending for cylinder bore n head milling. Also if I missed anything any advice is welcomed.

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    First of all before installing new parts and running the engine again you have to locate the problem that caused the rod came off the crank.
    The rod pin did´t break for no reason, did you check if the rod-end isn´t bended ,if so the problem probably started with the piston (lack of fuel or oil).
    Prox pistons are good pistons ,i dont have them in my GP1200R but they are doing well on my Kawa 650 SX, Wiseco´s are good pistons too.
    Can´t help you with price´s for boring and rebuilding the crank but i know for sure that it will be 10 times cheaper than here in the Netherlands

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    Sorry didn't mention issue is 99% due to oil pump failure. Thanks for the input

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    You´re not the first one wrecked an engine due oil pump failure, first thing to do is to throw away the pump and get a block off kit and go premix.

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    Oh yes I'm a believer now and will preach the block off n premix lol

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    If you are going for a higher performance engine build, then 99% of people here will recommend you skip the SBT crankshaft idea. Have yours rebuilt with quality bearings, a rod, and have it trued and welded. Or get a new OEM crank and have it trued and welded. Depending on what horsepower you're shooting for, you're gonna need a beefed up crankshaft. Its the heart of the engine.

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    Yea as I started this been reading a lot I like west coast porting might do some business with them read some good reviews about them will call the guy 2 marro. Also read a bunch on the cranks looks like oem modified will work. Still trying to decided what pistons to use

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    Prox or oem pistons

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