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    Help on a stx1100

    Took my 98 STX1100 out this weekend after cleaning out the carbs. At first it seemed to run decent then after awhile it died. I cranked it back up and had to play with the choke to keep it running. Finally it died again. Once at shore we pulled the gas cap off and cranked on it for a few using the choke and it cranked. I took off and it ran for a few and crapped out again. I pulled the gas cap off and choked it and it started. After playing with it for awhile i gave up. Does anyone know what I can check or why doe's it crank when you take the cap off the runs for a few and dies. Any help is appreciated.

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    Some people will tell you tank vent is plugged, but by removing the cap and running and the problem did not go away I'll say that's not your problem. Sounds like a dirty fuel tank, a common problem. Does this sound like your problem....Starts and runs fine till you start riding, then looses power and dies. Let it sit a while and it starts up and runs fine until you ride a little bit???? Dirt , rust and varnish settle to the bottom of you tank, when you start out riding the motion stirs all this up where it sticks to the SCREENS in your fuel tank. when you turn off the engine it settles to the bottom of the tank. On the fuel pick ups in the gas tank are Very fine screens. Pull the tank, clean it and the screens in it and put in clean new fuel, let me know if this solves your problem.

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    I'm all for cleaning the entire fuel system, especially starting at the fuel pickup screens inside the tank...but I think you have to remove the engine on that one to get the tank all the way out. Alternate method is...

    The quickest way to gain access to them is to remove the glove-box and you will see the fuel pickup assembly on top of the tank to remove.
    Once you get those out, check out all the crud and 'syrup' on the bottom of the tank and get all of that out.

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    Same exact thing happened to my uncle's Yami . I serviced his carbs, rebuilt them properly, ski fired up perfectly on the trailer.
    Put it on the water, and after a short ride it died. He opened up the fuel cap, and tons of pressure was relieved. So we checked the fuel pressure check valve, and that was fine. We followed the pressure hose that was connected to the check valve, and it ran to the back of the ski, and connected to a clear tube. Well that tube was full of condensation/water from the fuel tank. We drained that tube, and that fixed the problem !

    I guess I'm trying to say you have too much pressure in your tank and there is not enough vacuum in the system for your carbs to work properly. So first check the fuel pressure check valve and make sure it's not clogged up, and check all of the pressure hoses related to the fuel tank.

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    check the seal on the gas cap. If it's broken, you probably have water in the tank

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    get rid of the CDCV carbs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Millah View Post
    get rid of the CDCV carbs.
    when you get rid of em, send them to me, ill use em.

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    I have a set you can buy?

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    not looking to buy a set, my choice would be the cdcv though

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