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    Block Island Run Sat Or Sun Sept 8th or 9th

    Following Point Judith Ferry either morning depending on weather/conditions. Have few guys that follow ferry every weekend throughout the summer. Sometimes they have 10-15 skis crossing. Post up if interested..........

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    Block Island Run Sat Or Sun Sept 8th or 9th

    I might be interested in going on 8th depending on conditions.. Was thinking about doing ct river that day anyhow. Lmk

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    Block Island Run Sat Or Sun Sept 8th or 9th

    Why do you want to leave from point Judith and not barn island? Longer drive.

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    yes... longer drive no question but there are a consistant amount of guys that leave from Pt Judith each and every weekend... Guys that are pretty cool and knowledgable w the situation. Plus if your significant other or other people for that matter want to join they can take the ferry rather than ride on back etc. On top of that the ferry only costs $21 bucks round trip rather than $50 on high speed ferry which btw throws a shitty wake to follow. The PJ Ferry supposedly throws a nice wake or you can just chill in back of it as it smooths the water across. High Speed throws not much of a wake and doesnt smooth the water out. I will be texting this dude Steve I met out there a few weeks ago and he gave me the low down. On top of that people aboard can shoot some pretty serious vids and pics.

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