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    What happens when you use the wrong oil

    Hi, I tired searching but couldn't find the specific answer to my question. Hope someone can help me.

    I have a 2010 150 Speedster, its equipped with the 255hp engine.

    I just found out that the dealer has used the wrong oil when performing the oil change. They used a normal car oil API SN mineral/synthetic that has friction modifying additives which are expressively prohibited for this engine by SeaDoo, stating that it will cause the supercharger to slip. Same as my bikes.

    I would like to know if anybody has any experience with his sc engine on this subject? what are the symptoms when the sc slips because of wrong oil use and not because of wear? how does it feel? or what happens?

    Thanks for nay help!

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    When the supercharger clutches slip you will have less boost. The more they slip the more friction induced heat they generate. Eventually they will fail and send the remains into the engine's bottom end. Nothing good will come of it.

    Keep an eye on your RPMs, if they fluctuate while driving or just won't reach your normal high RPM it can be an indicator of a problem.

    If you want to play it safe suck out the oil and fill it back up with JASO spec'd oil.

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    Jerry the owner of Greenhulk and bunch of people here are using the AMSOIL 10w-40 Marine Oil for years

    Sea-Doo oil test and AMSOIL Synthetic Marine 10w-40 Oil

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    Valveoline 10/40 motorcycle oil wet clutch formula.
    2.99 a quart on sale.
    I've logged 100's of hours and 80+ % at wot..
    No issues at all.

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