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Thread: gp1300r mod ?

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    gp1300r mod ?

    Well the summer is almost over here in New Jersey.I have a bone stock 2007 1300r.Runs great but I am 2nd owner and it needs an impeller.I guess the first guy sucked up sand or whatever anyway I figure this would be the time for my first mod.I see where Island racing has a package for about 600.00 bucks.I would get a ride plate,impeller ,intake grid,pump kit.Has anyone did this upgrade?I tried to call but they only take orders on the phone.They have a forum but it is not like greenhulk.Days go by and no one answers your questions.Has anyhulk members purchased this kit.

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    to me that seem to be high, but I shop E-bay for my deals or from others on forums, I got a good deal from a guy that had brand new riva heads, aqua vein intake and stuffers for $300, shop around, I would.

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