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    Will performing your own oil change void Y.E.S extended warranty?

    I received a service log card from Yamaha for my Y.E.S extended warranty. This card requires the dealers initials next to each recorded service. I had not received this card prior to having the dealer perform the costly 10hr service so it is still blank. If I do the 50hr change myself will this cause any problems with warranty work down the line? I can't imagine it would but does anyone know for sure?

    Thanks in advance.

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    no but keep the receipts for the oil and filter to prove it was done---I'd use the OEM yamaha oil filter (I do on my "10s --I have the YES warranty as well)

    there is no requirement to use a dealer for any service to keep the warranty intact (any requirement to do so is specifically prohibited under the Magnuson-Moss Act)

    Anyone, including the owner, can do the service but you have to show it was done--in the case of DIY, receipts for the oil and filter are good.

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