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    Question Error Code 135 and 132. APS Replaced twice, still gives error code! Help?

    I'm Posting my first thread on greenhulk so bear with me please.
    I have a 2008 VX1100 with 530 Hours on it. Engine runs great though! Always maintained and never given any problems. It was a saltwater ski by the previous owner, now it's mine and Iv'e put about 100 hours on it, it will only be in freshwater for the rest of its life. I have installed a "cold-air" intake in it and got rid of the black water tank after the waterbox and replaced it with a 90 degree steel pipe. Was thinking of getting rid of the ribbon once I get the solas concord impeller and the aquavein intake grate. (Once this things working of course!)

    So to get to the topic, Beginning of this summer it started acting up. It would ride for around 10 minutes after sitting a week, then it would go into limp mode and I would get the 135 error code. Occasionally 132. Then it would stay in limp mode unless it sat for a couple days again. Well I knew the code was for the Accelerator Position Sensor so I went ahead and ordered a new sensor and installed it. Ran fine first time out for 30 minutes, Then the second time out, Guess what! 135 Error code and limp mode.

    After this I thought it was something else so I took it to a nearby dealer who hooked it up and turns out the new sensors resistance values were way off. He ran it for an hour on a lake with an APS he had and it ran fine. I wasn't about to pay the extra $$ for the part from the dealer so I brought it home and bought a new part from iboats. Got the New, New sensor and installed it.
    Ran fine for a whole weekend! But, come the second outing, After 3 hours of running, 135 error code. This is driving me nuts! this thread doesn't begin to show my frustration with this thing If I leave it sitting overnight with the battery disconnected it will run perfectly again for a couple of hours.

    My questions are, Where should I go next? What could be causing this problem? Is there any part of the system that could be destroying the APS sensors? Sorry, I'm a 16 year old and still learning. I've been interested in these things and boats and mechanics since before I could speak.

    Thank you!! Please Help me, summers almost gone
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    Might have a issue in the engine wire harness, a intermittent short, or the harness is rubbing or chafing on engine or bottom of hull

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    I checked for any rubbing of the harness and any corrosion in the connectors and all seems good. Is there anything else it might be?

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