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    Exclamation MSX 150 Electrical Problem, Need a confirmation on the diagnosis.

    First of all, no I have not got a voltage reading across the battery terminals when running yet. My battery is currently on the charger.

    I recently put in a brand new battery. Everything was hunky dory and running great. Next thing I know I have a blinking red light and a battery symbol. So I head straight across the lake as fast as I can to get to my dock before it dies (I know it's a fuel injected system so I knew it would only be a matter of time before the engine stopped). Well I almost made it, but had to swim the last 50 yards.

    Anyhow, because it is a brand new battery I am immediately thinking I might have a bad voltage regulator. Again, I don't have the voltage across the battery while running, but I cannot understand how a brand new battery would go dead over a matter of hours if it was not a charging system issue. Odd thing is my other battery took way longer to drain before it died. That battery seemed to go dead from the ski just sitting in the back yard so I think I have something not powering down all the way.

    Anyways, I will get the voltage reading when I can, my biggest question is do these skis have fuses, and if so, where are they?

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Bummer. Yeah... you should be able to tell easy enough when the ski is running... by the voltage reading you get at the battery. I can't recall exactly... but I had over 13.5v when idling at the battery.

    Good luck getting to your voltage regulator. It's on a bracket that attaches to the oil cooler bracket using the same bolts... under the intercooler. I read someone else's frustration with getting to theirs and took their advice to relocate mine. I have mine zip tied to the fresh water lines going into the intercooler... so I can get to it.

    As for fuses... yes we got a few. They are in these small plastic holders, 3 fuses wide with a plastic cover that snaps over them. There is one back by the ECU and one in the wire harness on the right side near the coolant reservoir bottle.


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    Yea, removing the intercooler can be a big pain. I'll do it though because I have done it before out the front, only this time I don't need to take the IC completely out of the hull, so I don't need to disassemble the steering column. Anyways, I'll have more info hopefully this afternoon.

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