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    Start/Stop button does not power on machine (intermittent)

    Hi Guys am new to the forum and the whole jetski scene and just purchased a GTI130 2012 model.

    I posted this in another forum and drew a blank so hoping someone here may be able to assist in the hope that I can give the dealer some pointers as they have drawn a blank previously.

    I purchased a 2012 GTI130 with only 4 hours on the clock. On my first run out I noticed that once I pressed the start/stop switch to switch the machine 'off' after having a short run that when I pressed the button again to fire up the display/power so that I could put the key onto the DESS post and then crank the machine that it appeared completely dead there was no power to the display, no beeps, no relays clicking...dead, as if the battery had been disconnected (I checked that one just incase ). I tried with the key on and off the DESS post, tried the beginners key, but nothing just dead. After leaving it a while, say a few minutes, pressed the start/stop button again and the power and display came on, I was then able to put the key onto the DESS post and start up the machine. Only did it the once thought the whole day.

    Checked all connections and nothing obvious appeared loose. Left in the garage for about a week and I checked every morning and evening just to see whether power would come on (not to actuall start the machine but just to see if the display came on). All week it was fine, then on the Friday experienced the same problem....dead. Checked connections again (taking into account it hadn't moved). Went away then came back a few minutes later and it was fine....bizarre...

    Went out again and seemed to be even worse, whenever I stopped the ski it wouldn't power up. Went to dealer for the 10 hour service and they could find nothing wrong, no errors on computer or anything. Went out again this weekend, fired up no problems, had a good half hour run then going back to shore stopped the ski. Tried to start it again, no power.....went on for a few minutes pressing the start/stop button (without the key initially, then with the key, just incase I had gone mad) luck. Then suddenly pressing button and the display burst into life, key on, 2 beeps, started and off i went. From then on in every time I stopped it after a run without fail it would not start until I left it for a while. Back in the garage and again powers up every time.

    It seems as though when it's warm the problem is worse. Any ideas guys? Its under warranty and am taking it to the dealer to check over again but if I can give them some pointers to assist them (so I can get my ski back ) would be great.


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    On the start and stop button there is a specific place to push it to make it work.
    I've had to adjust my finger on the newer model doos to hit the right portion of the button to make it work.
    It's usually the top portion of the button.
    Or you might have a starter relay going bad.
    Hope this helps.

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    no pro but either wiggle key or possible relay...easy fix if so

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    I have a 2012 RXPX, also in the uk. My start button did this, the dealer ordered and fitted a new one as the actual button was dodgey. Now it's 100 percent better works every time. A few others have had this too on the RXPX but assume the gti button is the same

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    Thanks for the hints least I have something to suggest to the dealer as they seemed to be at a loss as there was no error codes given on the computer....mmmmm.....

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