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    what should the battery be charging at ?

    my 97 gp 1200 while running, the meter reads 12.32 is that right ?

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    My FZR charges at 13.9 to 14.0

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    I dont know about that. That is less than 1/2 volt about the operating system. Dont know about a 1200 but almost anything with an engine charging system is usually 1-2 volts above the systems voltage so it can charge the battery. The gpr1300 and xlt
    is high 13's low 14 as well.
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    Check it when it is not running vs running. The amount of charge already in the battery makes a difference. +1 on it should be 1 to 2 volts about battery charge level. If it is less voltage running than switched off, u know you have a problem.

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    A fresh-charged battery should be at 12.6 v... so if you're really only at 12.32, then you are NOT charging the battery, but maintaining it in a slightly 'discharged' state. Something is not right. The FIRST thing I'd suspect is the meter... check your cars 12v battery after it's sat for a while. The car should be 12.6 when it's sat for a while and 13.2-14.6 when it is running. If you're reading less than that, I'd not be trusting that meter much. If you get those readings (13.2-14.6 while running), THEN I'd suspect the charging circuit on the ski.

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