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    Floating ring water leak

    I was riding my 97 XP this weekend when I noticed my ski was starting to ride extremely low, I popped the back cover open to find water filled up several inches within my hull. I immediately headed for the ramp, just making it before the back cover was under water. I pulled the ski out of the water and let it drain for several minutes until all of the water drained. I started it and everything was fine, so I decided to start it in the water on the trailer to try and diagnosis the issue. I immediately found the water rushing in around the boot with the clamp loose around the impeller shaft. (highlighted clamp in picture below) Does this clamp hold the water out or have other seals failed as well? What is needed to remedy this leak?

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    The piece on the end of the hose (carbon seal) make's a seal against the metal ring....when the carbon seal is worn it will leak water in. If you tightened the clamp & it stopped leaking then your good.

    Replace the carbon seal if it isisnt seating against the metal ring & allowing water to come in.

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    Replace the carbon seal and bellow. Or upgrade to the 98 style.

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    i have what you need "new" pm if you need it.

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