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Thread: Is this normal?

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    Is this normal?

    Holes seem to have some sort of corrosion goin on as well as the paint inside is chipping. Is this normal and what can be done to prevent this? Thanks in adavnce for your input. Bryan
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    I tapped them and screwed in the old style bolts in those 4 holes to hold the old style plastic cover.

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    fogging oil helps with corrosion, Paint is better as it pertects the metel, like on a carb. just fog it

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    I would never keep an engine dry like that. I coat everything in wd40 every couple of rides. Or if you'd rather spray it once and forget about it, CRC Corrosion inhibitor works great. It just looks dirty and is real messy if you have to work on the ski

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    Sea-doo used to have a rotex cover that went there. Maybe you can get one used and put it on. I was considering that but im not positive it wil fit.

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    It will fit, but you need the studs and tap the holes to put the studs in.

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