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    2002 Yamaha 1200XLT - Inconsistent throttle/acceleration

    Ok so at first I thought my fingers would just get tired while holding the acceleration lever, but now that doesnít seem to be the issue. While I hold the throttle steady trying to maintain 20-25mph one of my skiís randomly jumps to say 30-32mph and I have to let off the throttle a little to get it back down to 20-25mph again. Itís kind of a pain to have to continually play with the throttle to maintain a steady speed. Anyone ever experienced this before, or shed some light on this issue?

    (D-plate, chip, wave eaters, good compression on all 3, oil injection still in place with new tubes and better fasteners than the zips)

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    Thought I should add I’ve noticed that it is hard to start after running for a while and letting set for 30min. I read this on another site and noticed that pulling the choke does help it to start:

    "no fix it is vapor locking. there is a yamaha bulletin on this problem. you most pull the choke out just a little once you get moving push chock in. i have a 98 1200 does the same thing. pull the seat up when you stop to late it cool will help"

    I think I’ll go ahead and change the plugs and fuel filter to see if that helps any. Not sure how long ago since it's been done, the plugs really didn't look the best when I did the compression test on the cylinders.

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